Spring 2016 Top Hairstyles For Men And Women

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If you want to get a fresh stylish look, then have a look at top hairstyles for women trendy this spring. Among the most fashionable hairstyles for both women and men, you will meet as long so short ones. And as spring implies much sun, breeze and fun, spring cuts are beautified with hair gels and texturizing powders. So, let us find out the trendy cuts of this season for both women and men.

Messy Sexy Look For Women

A bright bob with blunt bangs is a wonderful cut that looks sexy and stylish. This is one of top women hairstyles trendy this spring. To look as hot as Taylor Swift, style you bob like you have just woken up. A messy look will bring you sexier and fresher appeal that perfectly goes with the sunny weather outdoors! Use a foam spray blow on your wet hair and run your fingers through hair. Paring your look with dark sun glasses and a leather jacket, you will have a complete fashionable look! By the way, the summer 2016 promises to bring more messy hairstyles!

Most Fashionable Cuts For Men

Men love to look fashionable, too. Here are the trendiest top hairstyles for men this spring:

  • Angular Fringe
  • Caesar
  • Simple Casual
  • Brushed Up
  • Slicked Back

The Angular Fringe hairstyle has been popular since 2014. Yet, this spring it has gained a new wave of popularity. To achieve this fashionable look, a man is to have his sides tapered whilst the top layer left longer and cut at angle. What makes this cut so unique, is that it perfectly goes with any face shape and looks equally wonderful in any season.

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