Short Spiky Hairstyles For Women Bringing Fresh And Sexy Look

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Short spiky hairstyles for women are so practical and pleasant to wear especially in hot summer days! With these cuts you won’t have to stand in front of the mirror with the hot hair drier or hair iron in your hands. These hairstyles bring such attractive edgy and punk-like look to a woman making her look much younger and careless! Moreover, with the great diversity of shades the pixie cut has you are sure to find the one suiting your face shape, hair texture, your age and lifestyle. Let us go over several ones that will inspire you to change your look!

Perhaps the first women’s short spiky hairstyle worth mentioning is the Pixie Undercut! This is a unique cut that combines the most wonderful features of two most popular hairstyles the Pixie and the Undercut. With very tight cut back and side hair as well as much longer top hair dried and styled in edgy look, this hairstyle is a fascinating one! Just as is the ordinary Pixie cut with hued edges. Perhaps the only peculiarity of this one is the light edges on dark hair or vice versa.

Nevertheless, if you wish to stand out in the crowd we shall advise you to try another cut within short spiky hairstyles for women the Spiky Messy Pixie cut with silver colored hair! This gorgeous cut is a fabulous one with its sexy messy look and aggressive spiky edges! Meanwhile the extraordinary color choice will only contribute to the whole amazing look. Just have a glance at pop-diva Pink and her wonderful Pixie cut and you will immediately acquire the whole majesty of this peculiar hairstyle!

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