Short Hairstyles For Guys Create Stylish And Attractive Looks

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Short hairstyles for guys aim to make a guy look stylish, handsome and inhale self confidence in him. With a right haircut, a guy will become an icon for admiration for many girls in his environment! So let us browse through the most modern and attractive haircuts for men and teenage guys!

One of the most loved and applied short hairstyles for teenage guys is called The Mike! The latter is quite an easy and quick way to make your look stylish and appealing. Just apply some styling mousse or other product to your dry hair and spike your hair on top. And here you go, your wonderfully fresh and stylish look is guaranteed! Anyway, if you need to look a bit elegant or mature for instance for your first date, try to apply The Rhett! To apply the hairstyle, use a styling product and part your hair with a comb to a side. The clue of this hairstyle is adding texture afterward using your fingers.

Anyway, there are also other unique and good short hairstyles for guys one of which is The Chad. The asymmetric faux hawk will make you look interesting, yet the centered faux hawd looks not worse. This hairstyle requires a little bit more time than for example The Adam. If you have all your hair short while the top part is only slightly longer, try to apply The Adam. You will simply need some hair product with a moisture look to make it dry and mix your hair with fingers. In a couple of minutes you will be ready for school, college, for gatherings with friends and even dates with your girlfriend.

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