Short Hairstyles For Fat Women Making Them Reveal Their Unique Beauty

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Short hairstyles for fat women have a common feature via asymmetry. If a woman has a full round face she definitely needs to make sure the cut she has chosen does not accentuate that negative feature of her face. For instance curls only emphasize a woman’s round features making her face look larger. Instead you can use asymmetric shades, sharp angles or choppy sides. Playing with hair hues can also add charm and style to a woman’s look enriching her appeal while not fattening her face.

Timeless Actual Pixie Cut

Among the most popular and widely applied fat women’s short hairstyles the first comes the Pixie cut. This wonderful hairstyle looks amazing on both slender and fat women. Applying sharp edges and some color shades you will get a fascinating look that will catch attention distracting it from your face roundness. After styling your hairdo apply some styling hair product to fix it and add texture.

Asymmetric Angled Bob

One of most famous short hairstyles for fat women is angled bob. A round face gets so enchanting with a sleek side-parted angled bob. You can watch this hairstyle transform Queen Latifah’s round face into an alluring one. Her long flat-ironed bob gets even more beautiful with a bit teased roots and angled fronts. However, the same bob can be made even more beautiful if some asymmetric is added to its design. The bigger that asymmetric is applied the more extraordinary and interesting the hairstyle will look. What makes the hairdo really awesome, is the femininity it brings to a woman’s appearance.

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