Short Edgy Haircuts For Curly Hair: From Feminine To Bold

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Short edgy haircuts for curly hair can make a woman look both feminine and bold at the same time. These cuts are intended for especially those who are confident in their natural beauty and do not need long hairstyles to look pretty. They just need a cut that will emphasize their unique beauty Nature has gifted them with. So, among the most popular short cuts to apply to curly hair you can come across the Pixie cut, extra short bob and layered bob with long bangs.

Anyway, if you want to put the accent on your femininity and delicate features you had better stop your choice on such a edgy and short hairstyle for your curly hair as the layered bob with long side bang that is left dry naturally. The short cutback layers accentuate the edgy feature of the cut, while the top hair and the side bang are left curly to add a “lady” appeal to the hairstyle. Analogically you can have an extra short bob cut with razor edges. This cut is sure to make a statement bold statement. Moreover, leaving this cut dry naturally you will make the curly nature of your hair more obvious while straightening the layers is going to add even an edgier appeal!

However, perhaps the most famous hairstyle within all short edgy haircuts for curly hair is the Pixie cut. This one comes in several styles all chic, funky and nasty! Pixie hairstyle intends to reflect something opposite feminine or delicate. This cut is rather to express one’s strong personality and courageousness. However, this does not mean at all that the Pixie style is not attractive or sexually appealing. Just having a glance at a woman with a Pixie cut you will instantly feel the whole magnetism it brings to a woman’s appearance.

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