Pokemon X And Y Male Hairstyles: Game Influence On Hair Fashion

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Pokemon X and Y male hairstyles represent what Asian men prefer nowadays. The matter is that these hairstyles created in one of the most popular 3D computer game Pokemon quickly got popular all around the world driving men especially young guys and teens to apply just the hairstyles offered in the game. Today you can meet thousands of guys walking along Korean, Tokyo or Pekin streets with exactly the haircuts the personages of the game wear.

However, when discussing the male haircuts in Pokemon X and Y games we are to present the possible variants players choose for their personages. You can choose as very short or short, so medium-length and medium perm hair. The color is available in the following options:

  • Blonde
  • Honey
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Black

Like in reality in the game too the color totally changes the personage’s appearance making him look different with each color. The same refers the reality. Once you die your Pokemon style hair with sharp and edgy layers in blond you will get a much milder look than if your hairstyle is in black.

Other options in transforming Pokemon X and Y male hairstyles include adding bangs fall down the forehead or sweeping them to aside. Sideswept haircuts are mostly popular within Pokemon players. However, if you are impressed by this ultra-modern and popular game and want to look like gone out of the game, then applying a Pokemon male hairstyle will serve as a sturdy proof of your passion toward the game. Yet, leaving the game alone, the hairstyles used in the game truly look modern, impressive and attractive.

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