Men’s Hairstyles Quiff Make Men Look Stylish And Sexy

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Men’s hairstyles quiff have been popular since 1950s. These hairstyles are versatile and can suit any face shape, any age and any personal style. Whether you are a rock aficionado or you are searching for a stylish look that is yet not stale, then you are sure to find one within men’s quiff hairstyles. There are several types of quiff haircuts including the following ones:

  • Classic Quiff
  • Longer Length Styles
  • Contemporary Quiff

The Classic Quiff

The Classic Quiff is perhaps the ancestor of men’s hairstyles quiff. Being longer in back and sides along with a sharp and clean hairline this hairstyle is timeless actual! The Classic Quiff still features a remarkable contrast of shorter hair in the back and on sides with long hair on top. However, the length of your hair as well as its density determine the time spent on styling this haircut. Accordingly, if you do not have enough time to stand in front of the mirror every morning, have your quiff a bit shorter.

Longer Length Styles

Having longer hair on the crown you will have a larger variety of men’s hairstyles quiff. Today most models choose particularly this haircut as it adds charm and chic. Most men-models even have the edges of their hair died in contrasting colors to add uniqueness and extraordinariness. However, simple men who avoid dying their hair can get advantage of their long hair. This is a great way of experimenting more with as texture so with volume.

Contemporary Quiff

A contemporary quiff is distinguished due to the immensely remarkable contrast of the huge scalp exposure and sharp cut side and back hair. This contrast looks so dramatic and audacious at the same time! However, if you intend to make one of the most popular styles within men’s hairstyles quiff the Contemporary Quiff then order your barber to cut your head’s side and back hair extremely short, while styling much longer quiff hair go upwards in a stylish way! The longer the quiff is the more dangerous and bold you will look! What makes this quiff hairstyle for men special, is that it suits all hair types. So, depending on your preference and personal style, you are sure to look sexy and stylish wearing one of the above mentioned splendid men’s hairstyles quiff.

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