Men’s Hairstyles GQ Presents Make You Look Like Descended From Podium

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Men’s hairstyles GQ popular magazine offers to its readers’ attention are meant to transform any ordinary guy into a real model from popular magazine covers. GQ has asked for advice the establisher and creator of the popular Made Man Barber Shop of New York City. Sam Chulpaev gladly answered all questions how to own a splendid hairstyle seen on Paris or Milan Fashion Week with neither breaking the bank nor appearing on the catwalk. So let us go over the hairstyles for men that GQ suggests.

According to GQ magazine here are the sexiest and timeless trendy hairstyles any of which guarantees a splendid appearance:

  • Slick Move
  • Pompadour
  • Greek God
  • Buzzworthy
  • Alt-Rock Redux

Each of the above mentioned men’s hairstyles GQ suggests is truly magnificent and is certain to add virility and magnetism to anyone. For the Slick Move you are to have longer hair in the front and sides. Brushing them back and fixing with a hair gel or wax while letting your side part get distinguished you will become the hot guy in your block!

If the above described hairstyle is elegant and at the same time somewhat audacious, the Pompadour style is perhaps the most glamorous among the men’s hairstyles GQ presents to readers’ judgment. Again using some hair gel or mousse comb your hair back and aside while giving some lift to roots. Side hair must be slicked thoroughly back letting your top wave distinguish adding chic and glamour to your look!

Among the men’s hairstyles GQ has listed on its webpage you can as well come across the Greek god. This name precisely describes the style. So, if becoming a Greek God has excited and thrilled you, then be prepared to have short cut sides and back while letting your top hair grow longer in curls. If you have natural curls the better for you, yet if you feature straight or wavy hair apply to a curling tool. After it lavishly apply gel to make your top curls look wet and here you go! Just stand by a Greek God’s statue or picture and see no difference between the God’s look and your men’s hairstyle by GQ. However, the other two men’s hairstyles GQ listed are rather simpler with the Buzzworthy being the extra short overall cut and the Alt-Rock Redux with straight and evenly cut long hair reaching down the shoulders.

Gallery of Men’s Hairstyles GQ Presents Make You Look Like Descended From Podium:

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