Men’s Hairstyles 2014 Receding Hairline Provide Sexier Appeal

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Men’s hairstyles 2014 receding hairline intend to make that little disadvantage less noticeable while providing a sexually appealing and attractive look to men. Each of the trendy hairstyles in 2014 is developed and advised thoughtfully so that any man feels comfortable, confident and handsome after applying it. So among the most common chosen haircuts to apply in case of receding hair in 2014 are the followings:

  • Mohawk
  • Buzz Cut
  • Clear Shaven With Beard

Mohawk For Early Stage Of Receding

Receding comes in several steps starting with early receding and ending with a total baldness. If you are yet on the early stage, you can apply the Mohawk style within 2014 hairstyles for men with receding hairline. This cut adds texture and makes hair look denser than it really is. For this grow your top hair longer than that of sides and back and blow dry it upwards. Here you will need a freezing hair product to fix the style. This hairstyle will draw attention from the already receding hairline and make your hair look much thicker.

Extra Short Cuts

Short haircuts are popular men’s hairstyles 2014 receding hairline. If the Flat Top short cut needs hair on top to cut and style in flat surface, the Buzz Cut is perfect for quite advanced receding hairline. Leaving a little bit more hair on top while immensely short in sides and back you will make the receding hairline less eye catching. This haircut requires little maintenance while Clear Shaven needs no care. Going totally bald was highly stylish in 2014 especially when complemented with a stylish beard.

Gallery of Men’s Hairstyles 2014 Receding Hairline Provide Sexier Appeal:

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