Hairstyles For Heavy Women To Make Them Look Maximum Feminine And Sexy

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Hairstyles for heavy women intend to reveal the whole natural beauty of these ladies while hiding their disadvantage of being plump in the face. Whether this feature was caused by an experience of the miracle of maternity or some other reason, a woman is worth always looking her best! And choosing the right hairstyle she can make her prettiness show off while the over weight in the face not so obvious. First of all let us go over several tips to take into account:

  • Avoid straight bangs
  • Add volume on top
  • Apply elongated side bangs
  • Avoid sleek hairstyles
  • Apply elongating side locks

However, one of the most luxurious heavy women’s hairstyles is the lavish voluminous curls. To make a round faced woman’s proportions harmonious, this hairstyle features a center parting along with some layers that are framing her face. These layers are sure to gracefully veil a woman’s cheeks thus making her face roundness not so vivid. Do not forget to make your curls look more natural by running through them with your fingers or brushing them.

Perhaps you have noticed that Queen Latifah is a unique amazing woman who is never ashamed of her overweight. I guess the reason is that she knows well now to demonstrate her best features with the right hairstyle. She has applied quite many hairstyles for heavy women and all successfully. One of her last hairdos is a cut featuring a deep side part along with long side bangs crossing her face. Particularity these bangs make a woman’s face appear slimmer than it is. The rest of her hair is lifted to a pony on the head crown in a stylish way.

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