60’s Hairstyles For Guys: Between Conservatism And Freedom

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60’s hairstyles for guys completed the styles popular in 1950s while preparing a basis for the complete freedom in anything including fashion in 1970s. If haircuts in the previous era were highly conservative while those of the 70s were made according to the motto “let it all hang out”, the cuts popular in the 1960s were something in the middle. They served as a preview for the upcoming liberal freedom that ruled during the whole next decade. Anyway, in spite of all these facts, men looked really stylish with their elegant and classic yet not strict cuts during 1960s.

So, enumerating the most popular hairstyles for guys in the 60s we are to mention the following ones:

  • Crew Cut
  • Afro
  • Mop-Top
  • Rockabilly Look (Pompadour)

The Crew Cut was still popular in the 1960s with yet a couple of differences. Depending on the length of top hair left people differentiated the Buzz Cut and the Flat Top both as Crew Cut variants. And if during the decade this cut was considered as the one chosen exclusively by conservative, clean-cut and elegant men, the Afro style symbolized freedom and equality between human races irrespective of their skin color.

Celebrities greatly influenced the 60’s hairstyles for guys. The worldwide famous Beatles set a new tendency of haircut called the Mop-Top with bang fringes left long covering foreheads and hanging down the neck from behind. However, another proof of music influence on fashion was observed with the Pompadour becoming on trend due to Elvis Presley. It looked glamorous and highly appealing!

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